The Pirate Cave 

This cave is hidden in the bush about 500 metres away from the property. It is off the beaten tourist track and should only be entered with a local guide (Ambu or Chiniman) or with me. Guests of our apartments are charged 20 US $ per person for a guided tour. But please pay attention!

Entering the cave is at your own risk! Bring along a good flashlight (or headlight) and sturdy shoes.

The entrance to the cave is steep downwards, slippery and hot. Someone, who is afraid of bats or insects of all kinds, should not enter the cave. Anyone, who is brave enough, though, will experience an unforgettable adventure. Up till now, I have only explored about 800 metres of aisles – with an altitude difference of about 45 metres. Huge halls, small crevices and long, narrow aisles require all your bravery. The first 150 metres are fairly easy to manage. There, one stands in a huge hall, from which two paths continue. From the right path, you will reach the Hot Cave. Entering the Hot Cave feels like a 100 C hot sauna with an “infusion of bats”. The second path leads you through a small crevice, which then means wading through mud. At this point about 90 % of adventurers give up. But no worries, anyone who has already visited the Hot Cave is already enthused. After the crevice, a small room opens up, from which a small narrow path branches off (diameter of 70 centimetres) and leads after 5 metres into a huge hall. At this point, a rope as well as experience in climbing is needed while descending 12 metres into a big hall. No one has been further up till now. The rest, therefore, remains a secret. According to the legend, the cave has a connection to the ocean, which is about 1 km away. It is said that it has been used as a hiding place and a shelter for pirates. If an imaginary line from the entrance of the hole to the ocean is drawn, we can be certain that there is an impressive cave in the cliffs close to the beach. In the near future, I will lift the secret...